Newborn sessions take place in our home studio in Maudsland, Gold Coast. We have many years experience photographing newborns so you and your little one will feel as comfortable as possible.

Within newborns sessions we photograph a range of natural shots and also being creative within various earthy wraps and knits. Plenty of time is given for your session for you all to feel as relaxed as possible, also allowing time for feeding and settling.

Sessions are based around your due date and a tentative booking will be made. Once baby has arrived we can lock in a time and date that suits you best. We usually recommend for sessions to happen within 12 days of baby being born ensuring they are settled and content with allowing maximum creativity in my shots.



How old does my baby need to be to do the photoshoot?

We recommend booking in for when your newborn is between 7-14 days old to ensure they are sleepy and still used to being wrapped, usually after around 3 weeks old baby is used to be out of mums tummy and free and is sometimes uncomfortable being wrapped up. After 3-4 weeks old, we do different poses and use different props as to what we usually would use with a younger newborns so there is no age limit for the shoot we customise the shoot to suit the age of baby.

What do I need to bring? 

You will need to bring your nappy bag (spare nappies, dummy, wipes etc) – Just incase! Otherwise if you bottle feed, bring an extra bottle incase Baby needs a top up to ensure they stay settled.

How long does the shoot take? 

Depending on how settled baby is and what package you have purchased, the shoot will roughly go between 1. 5 and 2 hours. 

Do I need to bring baby awake or asleep for the shots? 

We like baby to be asleep, book in with us for a time when baby sleeps most. We recommend feeding Bub 1/2 to 3/4 of the feed just before you come and feeding the rest when you arrive at the session, this ensures Bub is full and will hopefully will be settled and sleepy throughout the session. 

Is the photographer vaccinated? 

Yes, Lexie is fully vaccinated so you do not have to worry.

Can I bring my partner and older children to be in the shots? 

Of course! Baby will never be this tiny again, so we definitely encourage your partner and children to do some shots as a family..

What location do you take the photos at? 

We have. a home studio in Maudsland north of the Gold Coast where we do our newborn sessions at. 

How do I book? 

Please email or call us to book, or simply fill out the Contact Us form and we can get in contact with you.

Do you require a deposit for the booking? 

es we do require a $50 Non refundable deposit to secure your booking, this amount will be taken off the final package amount